Potato Processors

Potato Processing Wastewater

Potato wastewater treatment solutions are designed to produce a clean, safe water discharge, usually to a river. Immediate environmental considerations and the consent limits negotiated with the authorities affect how the potato wastewater is treated. Centrifugal treatment of potato wastewater becomes more sophisticated, with advanced decanter centrifuge technology, but basic comprehension of the application is still essential.

US Centrifuge Systems provides liquid-solid separation technology for applications in the potato processing industry, including starch dewatering, effluent treatment, potato meal and wash water cleaning.

Potato processors, restaurants, potato chip manufacturers, French fry producers, and other snack food industries benefit from US Centrifuge Systems complete solutions for wash water recycling and starch recovery.

US Centrifuge Systems can help you clarify wash water for reuse. Providing solids reduction to less than 600 TSS, a centrifuge can reduce waste treatment costs and effluent charges. No polymer is required for potato waste.

US Centrifuge Systems has also helped customers recover starch to decrease waste volumes and create additional revenue stream with a solids capture rate of 98 percent or more. A high solids drying rate (60 percent plus) reduces handling costs. Starch cakes can be sold for use as animal feed, for food industry uses (e.g., potato starch is often used as a thickener), and for various commercial uses such as to make adhesives.

Most often, a low speed decanter is the best model centrifuge for a potato application. The machines operate at less than 2,000 times gravity, which is adequate for desired results.

Starch and Mixed Waste

For over 150 years, potatoes have been used as a source of raw material for high-quality starch. Today, consumption of fresh water and energy play a more important role in potato starch applications. Decanter centrifuges are perfect machines for potato starch recovery with advanced separation and process features.

Starch dewatering and recovery need centrifuge systems designed for all the industrial tasks involved in processing materials with starch. Decanter centrifuges are perfect for fruit water separation, starch dewatering, pulp dewatering, concentration of starch, starch washing, starch recovery, and slurry separation.

Potato Sludge

Potato sludge applications need centrifuge separation technology for an effective, low-maintenance solution to continuous liquid clarification solids dewatering. Decanter centrifuges are perfect machines with advanced process and mechanical features, versatile and capable of adapting to varying throughput, process and material types.

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